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Welcome to DynStats, the online statistical laboratory.

Specially designed for sciences students, this software is also useful for engineering, administration, social sciences, health and education. This site has been conceived to facilitate the realization of statistical analysis including the interpretation of results in a simple and quick way.

DynStats provides data analysis tools for descriptive and inferential statistics, including parametric and non-parametric test, probabilities calculation, contingency tables analysis, ANOVA and curve fitting methods. All procedures have been designed in order to make the easiest statistics.

This is a Demo Version. Several options of menu are not available yet. In the current version only the first form in each statistical module is available to use right now, these forms coincide with options shown on the upper poster. The DynStats team is working for the development of other forms to include more statistical methods.

Main statistical modules include:

Also, DynStats incorporates a helpful section with detailed information for the usage of statistical forms and general knowledge.

Some methods are available for free, but you must be registered to access to all the included methods. Login and register procedures are not implemented in the current Demo Version.

Beta Version may be ready on December 2016. Click here

Thank you for using DynStats.

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